Three golfers on a golf course with their golf equipment

Get your course on side

Sign up and play your challenge at any golf course in the UK. Here's how to get your chosen golf course to host your challenge.

Write a letter

Use this letter template to ask them to host your day.

Drop our name

Mention they'll be featured on your social media and fundraising page.

Plan a gathering

You could even plan a dinner or get-together to celebrate at the club after your challenge.

They look good

Include the name of the club in the press release and send it to your local paper.

Generous moves

See if they can help out by doing things like opening early and waiving or reducing the green fees.

Explain the event

Tell them what our challenge is all about using our handy factsheet.

Where the money goes

Use our how it helps leaflet to show them how the money you'll be raising will go towards supporting people living with cancer.

Ask fellow golfers

Use our Facebook group to find out how others have got their course on board.