Got questions?

Here are the answers to the questions most people ask. If you need more info get in touch with the Macmillan Golf Team at or call 0300 1000 200. You can also get in touch by webchat Monday to Friday 9am - 4.45pm.

What does the day involve?

It’s simple – this summer (Government guidance permitting) you’ll play four rounds of golf to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Is the Longest Day Golf Challenge still happening?

In a word – yes! We encourage you to take on your 72 holes whenever it is safe to do so. We would like to reassure you that the Golf team are keeping a constant eye on Government guidance and will update our supporters should the event no longer be able to take place. Join our new Facebook group to get the latest updates on this year’s challenge.

How does the sign-up process work?

Captains invite their three other team members via a social link (email, Facebook messenger or WhatsApp). Potential team members then follow the link which directs them to a registration page to join the team and tell us about themselves. Each player will receive their own emails from us, from then on.

Is there a registration fee?

No, it’s absolutely free to register. We just ask you raise as much as you can to help people living with cancer.

How do we score?

Scoring is the best two Stableford scores in the team per hole, with full handicap allowance. Active and inactive handicaps will be accepted.

Who can take part?

Anyone who can play golf. You don’t need to have an official handicap to join in. Simply gather your team of four.

Under 18s must have at least one parent or guardian in the same team in order to undertake the challenge. Please note that your team will not be eligible for entry into the prize competition to attend the Finals weekend at Boavista Golf Resort in Portugal if any team member is under 18 years old, even if they are accompanied. Please also note, the Finals location may be subject to change due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Terms and conditions apply.

Do I have to have a team of four?

There’s no minimum number of team members. More than four team members are welcome to play but only four members (including the captain) can be registered on the website. The Finals competition is only open to teams of a maximum of four people. Terms and conditions apply.

Where can we play if our golf course is closed?

If your chosen golf club has closed, we advise that you rebook your challenge for when the club has reopened or find an alternative club for you to play your 72 holes.

How do I book a course?

You need to book directly with the club. There are some brilliant ways you can get them on board like offering to host a gathering at the clubhouse after the game and giving them a poster to put up on your behalf. Visit the Location page for more tips.

Can we play different courses?

Yes, of course you can. It is up to you how hard you make your challenge, but it might slow down your progress; daylight is key here so as long as you’ve still got plenty, you’re good to go.

What tees should we play from?

To save time you should play off the forward tees (men - yellow, ladies - red).

Can we use golf buggies?

We feel for it to be the ultimate challenge, you should try to not use golf buggies. However, we completely understand that in certain circumstances supporters should use them and, in some instances, such as extreme weather conditions, we would advise you use them. Using golf buggies does not affect your eligibility for the Finals competition.

Can I wear official Macmillan golf shirts?

We’d be very honoured! You can buy both men and women’s shirts from the Macmillan online shop.

When can I hold my challenge?

While playing on or close to the longest day will give you the most daylight hours, you can play on any date this summer that is safe to do so, and that is suitable for you and your team.

Please make sure all your fundraising is in by 17 September 2021 to be in with a chance of winning a place at the Finals. Terms and conditions apply.

Where will the Finals be held?

We are intending to hold the Finals at the Boavista Golf Resort in Portugal in 2021, however this is subject to change due to the Coronavirus pandemic. More details can be found in the competition terms and conditions.

How are the Competition winners decided?

The four teams (over 18s only, maximum four persons per team) who have raised the most money by 17 September 2021 will win a place at the Finals, subject to qualifying terms and conditions. Teams with more than four team members will not be eligible for the competition.

All the funds raised, whether that’s online or offline, will be factored into teams’ totals. To be counted, all funds must have been received by Macmillan by 17 September 2021. All funds appearing on team pages will be checked against what has been received by Macmillan. Find out more.

Will I receive a fundraising pack?

Yes, once you've registered, we'll send you a fundraising pack. Your pack will contain everything you need for the challenge, but for now, you can download things like sponsorship forms and scorecards from this website. Please allow a few weeks from registering for your pack to be mailed to you.

My company are matching all/part of my fundraising. How do I let Macmillan know?

Well done on getting your company to match your donation. To help us to track your matched donation, get in touch with the Macmillan Golf Team at or call on 0300 1000 200 with the relevant information, which you can find on our Ways to donate page.

What is a Team Reference Number and when will I need it?

This is the unique number assigned to your team – use it when contacting us to make any changes to your team page. You should also reference it when transferring the offline donations you’ve raised.

How do I pay in the money?

All money pledged to Macmillan on your team page will come to us automatically. For everything else there’s a paying in slip in the event pack for you to use at any branch of Natwest, Royal Bank of Scotland or Ulster Bank. Whichever method you choose it is important that you remember to send us your completed score card and sponsor forms to:

The Longest Day Golf Challenge
National Events
Macmillan Cancer Support
89 Albert Embankment

If you would like to pay by cheque, please make it out to Macmillan Cancer Support and post to the address above. Remember to include your paying in slip and please write your team name and team captain name on the back of the cheque.

Not all of my fundraising total is appearing on my page, what should I do?

Please allow up to 10 working days for a donation to appear on your page. If it isn’t appearing correctly after that, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Note that donations not made directly to the Longest Day Golf Challenge website (such as cheques and cash) will only be added to your total amount, and not listed out separately.

Can under 18s take part?

Absolutely. However, any team with members under 18 years old must have at least one parent or guardian in the same team in order to undertake the challenge. Please note that your team will not be eligible for entry into the LDG Prize Competition if any team member is under 18 years old, even if they are accompanied.

Can I change team members after signing up?

Yes, the team captain can add or remove team members in their account area under 'The team'. Contact us at or call 0300 1000 200 if you need any help.

Can I change my team name?

The captain of your team will need to email and we can change your team name – please note it may take a week or two to do this.

Are all teams eligible for the finals?

To be eligible for the competition prize of playing in the Finals, all four team members must be over 18. All funds must be in by 17 September 2021. Please note the prize is subject to change due to the coronavirus pandemic. For more details, see our competition terms and conditions.

Can I fundraise online?

Yes of course. You can do it on your team page.

We’ll also send your captain sponsorship forms and a coin box so you collect the traditional way too. Ask your club if you can put the coin box in the bar.

Are you fundraising on Facebook?

Thank you for boosting your funds using Facebook! Please note that we don’t see individual fundraising activity on Facebook so any funds raised through Facebook will not automatically appear on your Longest Day Golf Challenge fundraising page.

If you’d like your Facebook fundraising to be included in your team’s total, please get in touch to let us know by emailing or by sending us a private message through Facebook

I want to change the date of our challenge to another date, how do I do this?

You’ll need to contact the golf club you were planning on playing at and arrange an alternative date for your challenge. You can update the date of your challenge on your team page.

I want to cancel my 2021 Longest Day Golf registration

To cancel your registration, please get in touch with the Macmillan Golf Team at or call 0300 1000 200.