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On the big day

Hand holding a Macmillan Cancer Support branded golf ball

You’re taking on an epic four rounds, and every hero needs a plan before they set off. Make sure you check the latest Government advice before you go, so you can play safely and adhere to the current guidance.

It’s worth checking our Facebook group too, for any changes or updates to this year’s challenge.

Don’t forget

  • Your scorecards
  • Your comfiest golf shoes – it’s a lot of walking
  • To get an early night – you’ll need it
  • To set your alarm - play starts at sunrise

What to wear

Anything you feel comfortable in that fits the club’s rules is great. We strongly recommend you wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

We’ve some great Macmillan branded golf clothing and we’d be honoured if you and your team of heroes wore it. See our golf range where you’ll find:

  • Macmillan polo shirts
  • Macmillan cap

And more.

All profits from our golf range goes to help people living with cancer.

What to bring

Your trusty woods, irons and putter, plus:

  • Sunblock
  • Waterproofs
  • A towel
  • Spare socks
  • Something warm
  • Water bottle
  • Vaseline – to help prevent chafing
  • Sweatbands
  • Sunglasses
  • Blister kit – just in case

as well as spare balls, tees, pens and pencils.

How to last all day

Tips to help you keep going when the going gets tough.

1. Make the most of the time

  • Start as early as you can
  • Play off forward tees
  • Leave lost balls
  • Let whoever’s ready go first

2. Stay cool and hydrated

Drink at least one bottle of water per round.

Have a shower at the half way point.

3. Protect yourself from the sun

Wear suncream and a hat even if it isn’t sunny.

4. Pack in the snacks

Keep energy levels high – nothing too sugary or you’ll crash.

5. Banish blisters

And chafing. Use Vaseline to protect vulnerable bits and pack a blister kit.

Pace of play

Play at a good pace and be ready to play. Leave your bags where it’s easy to move on quickly. Ask any groups ahead if you can play though.

How to score

You'll need your scorecards and pencils.

To work out your team’s total for each round:

  • Add up the best two Stableford scores for each hole
  • Include the full handicap allowance

Then add up your scores from each round to get your grand total.