Getting ready

  • You'll be walking 24 miles, almost the equivalent of a marathon, so try and get some exercise in beforehand to make sure you’re fighting fit
  • Practice – you might not need to practice the full four rounds but aiming to do two or three in one day will put you in good stead
  • Keep on sharing your team page – a friendly reminder never hurts, and people can donate any time until 3rd September
  • If you’ve got the support of your club, there are lots of ways to work with them to keep upping your total – organise a party, raffle, bake sale or auction at the clubhouse after the game
  • Make sure all your kit is ready and waiting by the door the night before
  • Invite cheerleaders to support you at the club on the day – they can make a day of it
  • Recruit helpers to bring you snacks and water on the day, or to caddy for you for one of the rounds
  • Buy some bunting, banners and balloons from the Macmillan shop to decorate the clubhouse and raise awareness of the challenge, or kit yourselves out by ordering Macmillan LDG tshirts